(Redford, Charles H., Philip Jr., Philip Sr., John Sr., Peter I, Peter Gerardus, Jean)

Norm and Mary’s son George was born on Dec. 12, 1917 in Pigeon, MI. He married Rose Ina Desotel on Feb. 8, 1942. They are pictured at the right. George was a farmer and a hard worker. In the 1960 Pontiac, MI city directory he is listed as working as a packer at Avon Tubing Company. For  diversion he loved to play cards.

George and Rose had six children: Barbara, Janet, Terry Roger, Galen, George, and Danny who died at birth on May 21, 1951. Rose was a housewife and a hard worker. She was a good cook and did her own canning. Everyone loved her bread, pies, and cookies. In the late 1950s and early 1960s she also took care of the needs of George’s Uncle have and Aunt Effie.

George died on Oct. 7, 1977 just short of retirement, and Rose died Jan. 30, 1996, both of them in Pontiac, MI.

Helen Isabelle was born Sept. 15, 1923. Pictured to the left are Helen and her husband Myron Kelley. He was born Feb. 20, 1920 and they married on Oct. 24, 1940 in Caro, MI where he farmed. They had five children: Ruth Ann born Sept. 1, 1941 who died Jan. 14, 1995; Shirley Irene, Richard born Oct. 23, 1944 who died Dec. 5, 1976; Harley born May 29, 1947 who died Jan. 17, 1998, and Myron Dale.

Helen died on June 18, 1968 in an automobile accident. Her husband Myron died Jan. 3, 1990 in Wells Twp., Tuscola Co., MI.

The youngest daughter Gladys was born Sept. 18, 1928. She married Clair Russell Baer on Jan. 20, 1945 shown to the right. He worked 25 years for Pontiac Motors. They had six children: Mary Ann, Sue Ann, Clair Alan, Blair Alan who was born Jan. 14, 1958 and died two months later, Russell Alan, and Lee Alan.

Clair Russell died April 2, 1972 in Tennessee. Gladys died April 9, 1992.

Clayton L. Caverly, pictured left, was the youngest son of Norm and Mary. He was born Sept. 20, 1931. The 1950 Pontiac City Directory shows him as a zink plater working at Pontiac Motor Div. of General Motors. Some time after 1962 he married his brother Archie’s widow Mary Middleton, pictured on the right. Mary and Archie’s daughters Marjorie and Marion Sue had moved to Frederic, MI. When retirement came, Clayton and Mary also moved there.
_____________________He died in Dec. 1982 and she in May 1994.

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