My name is James Caverly and I am a descendant of Jean Cavalier who migrated from France somewhere in the 1600's. My grandfather is Donald Caverly, son of Manson Caverly and Ruby Depew, son of William Clark Caverly and Mary Flynn, son of Charles Caverly and Rebecca Smith.

I live in Grand Rapids, Minnesota with my wife and two sons. I am attending school to become a Network Security Officer. I have always been interested in my family roots and wanted to tie the two interests together, the end result was this site. I have put together some information already, most of which was given to me..

Although the 1990 US Census shows that about .001% of the population have the Caverly surname there is a great deal of genealogy information available about the Caverly surname. Some of the Caverlys that are around today have derived from other surnames, such as Cavalier and Calverley. It would appear as the name originated from England, however this is from the limited amount of research I have done. There are many Caverlys that are related genetically, while others are not.

The Caverly surname and some of its derivatives have migrated to the United States from Germany, Ireland, England and France to name a few.

If you have any information that pertains to the Caverly surname please leave a comment in the comment box or email me at Most of the information I have will be on this site, eventually. :)

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