(Redford, Charles H., Philip Jr., Philip Sr., John Sr., Peter I, Peter Gerardus, Jean)

To the left is a picture of Norm and Mary’s first two children Jessie and Lee taken around 1913. Jessie was born March 28, 1909. She married Orla  Barrons in 1928 and had son Andrew by him. They divorced and in 1935 she married Malcolm Morse. In a 1959 letter to Clarence Caverly she wrote, “I work a half day with my husband and son at the used car lot he has. Then I go home and try to get some of my own work done.” Malcolm was a partner in Morse & Sons Auto Parts from 1956 to 1970 when he retired. She died June 16, 1980 and her husband died Apr. 7, 1982, both in Clio, MI.

Norman Lee and wife Lucy are pictured to the right. They had one daughter Norma. Lucy died in St. Petersburg, FL in Sept. 1986. Lee died in June 1992 in Mayville, MI.

Norm and Mary’s son William Redford was born Apr. 27, 1912 in Kingston, MI. He married Florence Strickland on Feb. 21, 1942, pictured on the left. She died March 28, 1945 after a one week illness.  William married her sister Elta on April 6, 1946, pictured on the right. They lived in Pontiac where he worked as a driver for Wilson‘s Foundry. In 1955 they moved to Cass City, MI where he worked at a sawmill. William died there on Nov. 29, 1961 after an illness of six years. Elta died in Decker, MI on Feb. 19, 1997.

Archie Ray in a 1938 picture to the left, was born July 11, 1913. He married Mary Middleton in 1935 and had 4 children: Earl who died at birth in 1936, Grace, Marjorie, and Marion. He died in December 1962. Some time after his death, Archie’s widow Mary married his younger brother Clayton. Mary died in May 1994 in Frederic, MI.

The next son Alvin Leroy was born Aug. 24, 1915. He and his wife Iva May are pictured below. He enlisted to serve in WWII eight days before the draft began. He was part of the Special Forces Unit for mountain climbing assigned to push the Germans back through the Brenner Pass.

He had worked at Pontiac Motors Div. of GM for 37 1/2 years starting out at 56 ½ cents per hour. He and Iva married May 6, 1946 and moved from Pontiac to Clarkston five years later. They had 4 children: Cleo, Cecil, Kerry, and Alan. Iva died Apr. 13, 1993 and Alvin died Dec. 25, 1995, both in _____________________________Clarkston, MI.

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