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Joseph Close up
Joseph Nelson was the third son born to Charles and Rebecca Caverly. He was born Nov.
13, 1857 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

JosephHis family moved from Canada to the thumb area of Michigan when he was about
7 years old. On Nov. 13, 1883 he married Anna Hurford in Ubly, MI. The Alpena, MI
city directory for 1889/1890 shows Joseph working as a log driver and living at 224
Commercial in Alpena. His younger brothers William and Allen were also working as lumbermen but boarding elsewhere.

The 1900 U.S. census for Michigan shows Joseph and family living in Burleigh Twp.,
CoupleIosco Co. The 1920 U.S. census shows them living in Saginaw, MI with son Allen and grandson Charles. They are also listed in the 1921 city directory for Saginaw. The 1927 Saginaw city directory shows Joe working as a helper at Morris Nover Iron Company. The picture of them to the right was taken in 1928. Around 1929 they moved back to their farm in Burleigh Twp., Iosco Co., MI.

Joe had both crops and cows on his farm. He also sold eggs. Annie was known for her flowers and garden as evidenced by the healthy looking vine growing in front of the porch in the picture above. She was also an avid reader. Joe would come in from the farm for supper and she’d be reading. My mother remembers that Annie would emphasis “Now” when speaking and frequently ended her sentences with “don’t cha know?”.

Joe died Aug. 23, 1938 on his farm in Whittemore, MI. Annie died there on Aug. 8, 1947.  They are buried at the Logan Township Cemetery.
Allen Allen
Joe and Annie’s firstborn was Allen shown on the right. The picture of him when he was older is a little distorted because it was taken of a portrait enclosed in an oval frame with a convex glass. Allen was born Sept. 1, 1884 in Ubly, MI and married Addie Hunt in Houghton, MI around 1915. Their son Charles, pictured in 1983 in the green sweater, was born Apr. 19, 1916 in Prescott, MI. Allen and Addie had twin daughters Lois and Lotis in August 1917 but both died within a couple of months. Allen’s wife Addie then died in 1919 from the flu epidemic. In 1920 he married Mellisa Guest Earley in Saginaw, MI. They operated a small grocery store there until he retired in 1947. He died Feb. 25, 1955 in Saginaw, MI

CharlesAllen’s son Charles married Mavis Ruckle Nov. 29, 1947 in Whittemore, MI. He worked at the Saginaw Maleable Iron as an electrician for 38 years. He died Oct. 21, 1994.




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