(Charles H., Philip Jr., Philip Sr., John Sr., Peter I, Peter Gerardus, Jean)

PortraitAllen Mortermore was born May 16, 1867 in Minden, MI. He was the only child of Charles and Rebecca to be born in Michigan. All his siblings were born in Hastings Co., Ontario. Per their Huron Co., MI marriage record in Book 2, page 108, Allen and Candice Lilly Leonard were married Oct. 2, 1894 with her parents as witnesses. At the time he listed his occupation as a laborer living in Ubly.

Per a deed in Arenac Co., MI, Allen purchased a 50’ x 100’ parcel of land in Standish, MI on Aug. 30, 1897. In Sept. 1898 he purchased a parcel of land in the Village of Twining for $160. Then on the 1910 U.S. census for Logan Twp., Ogemaw Co., MI, it shows that he was doing general farming and owned his farm with a mortgage. His older brother Marshall Bidwell, Bid’s wife, and their youngest son Marshall Martin were living next door. He had settled there in the early 1900s because there was work available at the mill on Stylus Lake. At the turn of the century it was quite a bustling area and housing had been built for the workers. They made shingles there and everyday the train would come from Prescott, MI to the dock at Stylus Lake.

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Plot MapBy 1918 the lumbering operations had left the area. Allen had taken one of the lumber camp houses, cut it in half, finished off the open end, and settled his family into it. (See above).

A Mr. Mitchell owned quite a bit of land in the area on which he raised sheep. Allen bought some land from him to farm in addition to working for Mr. Mitchell helping him with his sheep.

Lily died Oct. 9, 1934 from tularemia contracted while she was cleaning a rabbit. Allen died Jan. 22, 1961 of a cerebral hemorrhage with associated problems of arteriosclerosis. They are buried at the Logan Township Cemetery.


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