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Clarence was born in Elkton, MI on Jan. 27, 1898 to William C. and Mary  (Feekings) Caverly. He grew to adulthood on his parents farm in Chandler Township. While working on the farm of Franz Chilsolm in Owendale he
 met his future wife Cora Dhyse who was a younger sister of his
 employer’s wife Dora. She had worked for a short time as a telephone
 operator in Detroit. But the big city life did not suit her and she
 returned to the thumb area and did domestic work. They married on
 Dec. 29, 1922 in Kinde, MI and moved to Saginaw shortly  thereafter.




Clarence and brother Thomas, 1903

At first they lived with Clarence’s
great-uncle Joseph Caverly on Myrtle
Street.  Clarence was aware that the
Grey Iron Foundry was close to
completion and would be hiring.  In
the interim he worked as a clerk at
Morley Brothers.  When the foundry
opened, both he and Cora became
employed there.  But when it became

obvious after a few months that Cora was pregnant,
she had to leave.  They had two children, Marjorie
and John R.  Jack was born July 22, 1926 and died
Feb. 22, 1983. 
It wasn’t long before they were able to buy a house
in a new area on Thatcher Street.  At the time there
was only their house, one to the north, two to the
west, and some at the north end of the block.  For
entertainment they went to Riverside Park in
Saginaw which had rides and a dancehall.
During the Great Depression, Clarence like all his co-workers was downsized to working three days a week to minimize layoffs. During the summer the family would camp at Lupton, MI and pick huckleberries and blackberries. They would take them back to Saginaw to sell, and the proceeds were used to buy one school outfit and one good (Sunday) outfit each, for Marjorie and Jack.

Clarence on Franz Chilsolm’s tractor.

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