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William Clark was born Dec. 9, 1863 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario to Charles H. and Rebecca (Smith) Caverly. The following year his family moved to the thumb area of Michigan where he grew to manhood. The record of his marriage to Mary Ellen Flynn on Oct. 28, 1884 can be found in Tuscola Co., MI Libre 3, page 187. She was the daughter of Edward Flynn (b. NY) and Matilda Bannon (b. Canada). See the page on Mary Melissa for the location of the property for William Caverly and Edward Flynn.

Sometime after 1885, William, Mary Ellen, and their son Edward moved to Alpena, MI. William shows up in the 1887/8 directory for Alpena, MI as a laborer.

The Diary of James W. Carpenter, 1880 - 1907 by Donald W. Carpenter gives us a view into the daily lives of the men who worked for logging camps. A number of entries mention William Caverly, and abstracts of James Carpenter’s entries follow:

On Oct. 20, 1888: he had worked all day for Beekman swamping and got 6 lbs. pork from camp for 60 cents. Then after he had supper at home, Robt. McLeod, William Caverly, and Lambert Vanalstine came together.

Nov. 3, 1888: William Caverly had gotten one bbl. flour $6.50, 3 pair of shoes $4.25, 10 yds. gingham $1., 2 lbs. yarn $2., that Beekman had left in town for Jas. Carpenter to apply on his work at camp.

May 21, 1889:  It was noted that William Caverly had moved into Carpenter’s Uncle's house the previous day.

July 20, 1889: Carpenter had worked all day on a road in Dist. #2. One of the men that had been part of this group was William Caverly who worked 7 1/2 days at $1.50 for a total of $11.25. Then Carpenter noted that he paid Willet D. Brooks for board for Wm. Caverly. The board amounted to $3.33 and a couple of pigs for $2 totaled $5.33. Then he paid William Caverly for his work in Dist. #2 $5.92 and in Dist. #3 $2.25. July 31, 1889: On this day, Carpenter paid Bill Caverly a total of $8.17 for working on the road. Of the $8.17, $8.02 was in cash and 15 cents was for 2 packages of tobacco. July 24, 1898: Carpenter noted that he had gone to Sunday school and that the day was so warm that the thermometer read 86 degrees in the shade at 6:35 p.m. Herb King had called on him and said that Mrs. William Caverly had died at about 3 p.m. that day.

July 25, 1898: Carpenter had gone over to William Caverly's to pay his condolences and find out the schedule for the follow days funeral at the M.E. Church at Kings Settlement.

William and KidsJuly 26, 1898: The funeral procession left shortly after 10a.m. Ed Blackmore preached the funeral sermon from the text of John 11:25. Carpenter noted that Mrs. Caverly's brother got there when the sermon was half preached and said that Mrs. Caverly's father & mother were in town. A Mr. Andrews took his team and went to pick them up.

Alpena Co., MI death record #52 gives the cause of death for Mary Ellen as childbirth.

William married Sarah J. (Carpenter) Blackmore on Oct. 19, 1904 per Alpena, MI marriage certificate #2668. She had 5 children from a previous marriage. The two youngest girls born in 1886 and 1889 were probably still at home. Per a granddaughter of Williams, the merging of the two families didn’t work out. It was said that Sarah showed too much favoritism to her children. No divorce record has been found but on the 1910 Alpena, MI census, Sarah is listed in Wilson Twp. as head of the household and has a 4 year old grandson living with her, while William is in Green Twp. as a widower, farm manager with sons Manson and William H. as farm laborers.


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