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The 1910 U.S. Census shows Redford, Susannah, Alton, and Casper living on the south side of State St. in Tuscola Co., Koylton Twp., in the Village of Kingston. He is doing general farming and owns his farm with a mortgage. Alton is doing odd jobs and Casper at age 17 is working on the home farm. The 1920 U.S. Census shows about the same information except Casper doesn’t show because he had died and they have their grandson Norman Lee living with them. On the 1930 U.S. Census, additional information shows that they value their property at $2,000 and own a radio. Also Redford’s son David is living with them as is Alton and his new wife Delilah. Son Norman S. and family are living next door. And the next residence has Charles and Amelia.

Susannah died in Kingston on July 7, 1934. Her obituary in the Friday, July 13, 1934 edition of the Tuscola County Advertiser is titled “Gold Star Mother Dies at Her Home in Kingston”. When a son or daughter was killed or died while in active service in World War I, it was the custom to hang a banner in your window having a gold star on it. Their youngest son Casper had died at Camp Custer.

After Susannah’s death the care of Redford was a concern for his children. Son and daughter-in-law William and Mary moved to Kingston in 1934 to care for him but that only lasted a short time. They returned to Elkton in 1935. Then Redford’s house was signed over to David who lived with him. But he wasn’t very clean and couldn’t provide the necessary care. So Alton and Delilah made a deal with David. They traded their 160 acres and log cabin in Hill Township in Ogemaw County for Redford’s house in Kingston and they moved to Kingston and took care of him.

Two of Redford’s brothers living in the Hale area died in 1938: Marshall Bidwell on March 6 and Joseph Nelson on August 23. Mary (Caverly) Karafa, a niece of Redford’s recalls that he was late to both funerals and asked to have the caskets opened when he arrived. At the time Redford was dependant on Alton and Delilah who had 4 children
age 8 and under. It must have been a major event to make a 115 mile trip for them at that time.

In his later life Redford was partially blind from cataracts. In spite of this, Redford would walk the three blocks from his house to the main street in Kingston everyday. Daughter-in-law Delilah said on one occasion men working on water lines had failed to cover a hole and Redford fell into it but it didn’t deter him from keeping up his daily walks. He also maintained a garden. In the 1930s his son-in-law Silas Norton came to visit and Redford triRedford by Cared on Silas’ glasses. He decided he should have some because he could see a little better with them. He regained his sight after Alton and Delilah took him to Ann Arbor, MI for an operation to remove his cataracts. He died in Kingston of pneumonia on Oct. 5, 1940.
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