III. PETER CAVERLY I c. 1694 - aft. 1747
(Son of Peter Gerardus Cavalier, Son of Jean Cavalier)

Peter Caverly/Cavalier was born in 1694 and baptized Jan. 1, 1695 at the Dutch Reformed Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) to Peter Gerardus and Belitje (Claerhout) Caverly. He married Jane Haviland, daughter of John and Sarah Haviland about 1720. The following research gives us Jane’s maiden name. The Registry of marriages for St. George’s Church in Hempstead, LI, NY shows a marriage record for Sep 24, 1735, Matthias Borrell of City of New York and Bridgett Haviland of Hempstead. Then in 1741 we find where Borell names “my well respected brother-in-law, Peter Cavily, of Queens County, ship wright,“ as an executor in his will shown in Abstracts of Wills, Surrogate’s Office, City of New York, Vol. III, 1730-1744, Libre 14. In the same volume, John Haviland of Hempstead lists Bridget
and Jane as his daughters in his will of 1740.
In Oyster Bay Town Records, Vol. 4, 1721-1732, on page 502 there is a record of a sale by Job Iarland to Peter Caverly for 200 pounds of current lawful money for “a cartain island so called, scitute, lying, and being neare Musktecove, patten, butted, and bounded as followed on the north by ye sound & one ye east by ye crickes mouth that leads into Color Morrises crick so called and one ye south by ye said crick and one ye west by Benjamin Wolsees
medowes & beach that leads to the north east corner of Musktecove… year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundered twenty one.”


Also in Oyster Bay Town Records, Vol. 2 from Cal. Land Papers, p. 196, orig. Liber X, 145: on 8 Oct. 1730. Petition of Peter Caverly of Oysterbay, in Queen’s County, praying a patent for a ferry between a neck of land in that town called Caverly’s Island and Rye. Rye is on the north shore of Long Island Sound in Westchester Co., NY. As early as 1699, a third part of the goods imported into the colony of New York were run into the four ports on Long Island, viz.: Setauket, Oysterbay, Musketo Cove (now Glenn Cove) and Southold. Peter or his son had other holdings per a record in Westchester County, N.Y., Miscellaneous, page 233, “Wright Frost to David Doty, both of Rye, millers, farm in Rye, bounded by land belonging to the estate of Peter Cavalier, late of Long Island, dec’d., and by land belonging to the estate of Thomas Kniffen late dec’d. July 16, 1798.”

Peter and Jane’s children were baptized at St. George’s Church at Hempstead, Long Island. John and Abigail were baptized on June 10, 1727 and Peter and William were baptized on Oct. 4, 1736. No baptismal record has been found for son Joseph and daughter Sarah.


III. PETER CAVERLY I c. 1694 - aft. 1747
(Son of Peter Gerardus Cavalier, Son of Jean Cavalier)

An excerpt of Peter’s will as recorded in New York Court Surrogate office on Dec. 9, 1747 in Libre 16 follows: In the name of God, Amen. I, PETER CAVERLY, of Oyster Bay in Queens County upon Island of Wawfow(?), being sick, I leave to my wife Jane the value of £100, and a negro woman, and a good horse and chair, also £300 out of my estate. I leave to my eldest son, John, £10, and all the rest of my estate to my children, John, Peter, William, Joseph, Sarah Rierson, and Abigail. Each of my children is to have £103, 6s, 9d, as my said daughter Sarah has already received. I make my wife Jane and my son John, executors. It is my will that my younger children, William Caverly and Joseph Caverly be brought up out of the rents of my estate.

Dated December 1, 1747. Witnesses, Joseph Carpenter, Sarah Carpenter, Benjamin Woolsey. Proved, before Adam Lawrence, Esq., December 9, 1747.

Information on Peter and Janes’ son John can be found on the next page. Their son Peter married Ann Cornell at St. Georges Church, Hempstead, L.I. on Nov. 7, 1756.

Per Burghers of New Amsterdam and Freemen of New York, sons Peter and Joseph learned the trade of ship building in New York City. and later followed their older brother John to Ulster County, NY. In 1810 Joseph petitioned for land in Ontario as a United Empire Loyalist. His children were all given land due to his petition.

According to New York Marriages Previous to 1784 by Gideon J. Tucker, son William Caverly and Elizabeth Sebring, daughter of Isaac Sebring of Brookland, Kings Co., NY, took out a marriage license Nov. 15, 1759 and remained in the NYC area. Baptism records of the Dutch Reformed Church for their children show: Isaac, Nov. 10, 1765; Catharina, Jan. 24, 1768; William, Oct. 29, 1769; and Cornelius Aug. 1773. William and Elizabeth are listed on the membership roster of the Dutch Reformed Church for Feb. 15, 1767.

Nothing is known about Sarah although after the American Revolution, quite a few Ryersons show up in NJ. Daughter Abigail married Thomas Thorne Aug. 28, 1763 at St. Georges Church, Hempstead, L.I. Abigail’s mother is listed as “Jane Caverly, widow, Queens Co.” in New York City Wills, 1766-71 as giving Letters of Administration to Thomas Thorne.

Thomas Thorne was a blacksmith and innkeeper at Flushing, L.I. He was also a member of the Committee of Safety for the American Cause. When the British entered the town in August, 1776, Thomas was arrested and “ended his days aboard the prison ship” per Revolutionary Incidents on Long Island, 1846, pg. 103.

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