Son of Philip, Caverly Jr., Son of Philip Caverly, Sr., Son of  John Caverly, Sr.,  Son of Peter Caverly I, Son of  Peter Gerardus Cavalier, Son of Jean Cavalier)

In Huron County Landowners in 1875 - Part 1, we find Rebecca still listed as owning 80 acres in the W ½ of the NE ¼ of Section 20 of Bingham Township. And on Dec. 22, 1876 in Huron Co. Land Book 8, page 89, Rebecca is granted 40 acres by the United States of America in the NW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 22 of Bingham Township. The latter was the homestead for which they had applied and paid a total of $7 in application fees.

The 1880 U.S. Census for MI, Huron Co., Bingham Twp. shows Rebecca, with sons Joseph, William, and Allen. The agricultural portion of the census showed 15 acres of tilled land, 25 acres of woodland; value of farm, land, fences, bldgs $1,000; value of livestock $25; estimated value of all 1879 production $175; 1 milk cow; 1 cow sold in 1879; 120 lbs. of butter made in 1879; 4 sheep, 4 fleeces sheared equaling 24 lbs.; 2 swine; 6 poultry with 12 dozen eggs produced in 1879; 75 bushels of wheat from 6 acres planted; 100 bushels of potatoes from 1 acre.

The Probate Court of Huron Co. assigned Sterling Nugent and Neill McKay in July, 1880 as “suitable and disinterested persons” to appraise and set a value on Charles’ estate. It was determined that Section 22 was valued at $400 and Section at $300. Rebecca requested that her oldest son Redford be appointed guardian for her minor sons William C. and Allen M. who were ages 18 and 13.

In 1881 fire swept across the Thumb area of Michigan due to dry conditions. Rebecca and her youngest son Allen who was the only one still living at home went out into the middle of a clover field next to their house. Fortunately the clover was green enough that they were spared but they lost everything they had as the fire swept by them as related by Allen to his daughter Mary. The report of the Fire Relief Commission for Disbursements of the Appropriations by the State for Bingham Township numbered 160 families, 798 persons, 204 buildings, for a total loss of $176,383.00.

On January 5, 1882, the Probate Court of Huron Co., MI granted Redford, as guardian of William and Allen, the right to sell the land in Section 20 so claims of the State of Michigan for unpaid taxes could be paid as well as paying for support and education. He was able to sell it for $350.

A Huron Co. deed in Libre 37, Page 49 shows Rebecca sold 2 acres of her land with the buildings to Eliza Cooke in October, 1882 for $65. Then in August, 1889 she sold the rest of the 40 acres for $87 to Robert Henderson per Libre 43, Page 87. Evidently these sales hadn’t yet been recorded in the 1890 Huron Co. plat book.

The Huron Co. Landowners in 1890 - Part I shows Rebecca still owning the 40 acres in the NW 1/4 of Section 22. One wonders if Rebecca was dependant for her support from her older sons and the selling off of land or if she may have had other help. In the 1890 plat map below you can see that sons Redford and William in Section 19 are not that far away from her residence in Section 22. Her property would be on the corner of what is today M19 and Leppek Road. There is a cemetery on the west side of M19 in Ubly but when M19 was widened, some of the burial sites that were very close to the old road were moved or destroyed. Perhaps that is why I have never been able to find a cemetery record on Charles or Rebecca. This 1890 plat book entry is the last record I have found for her.

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