Here is a list of people who we have specific information for.
It has been given to us by many people just like you that have gathered information on the Caverly surname.

I. Jean Cavalier
  II. Peter Gerardus Cavalier
    III. Peter Caverly I
      IV. John Caverly Sr.
        V. Phillip Caverly Sr.
          VI. Phillip Caverly Jr.
            VII. Charles H. Caverly
              VIII. Redford S. Caverly
                 IX. Charles Henry Caverly
                 IX. David A. Caverly
                 IX. Alton Julius Caverly
                 IX. Edith Caverly
                 IX. Effie L. Caverly
                 IX. Huldah Caverly
                 IX. Norm Caverly
                 IX. William Caverly
                   X. Clarence Llewellyn Caverly
                 IX. Casper Caverly
              VIII. Cinderella Caverly
              VIII. Melissa Caverly
                 IX. Obed E. Maxson
              VIII. Marshall Bidwell Caverly
              VIII. William Clark Caverly
              VIII. Allen Mortermore Caverly
              VIII. Joseph Nelson Caverly

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